Boolean Bellow Flipped (version 1)


At long last, I decided to post this version of a simple drawing I drew on a piece of college ruled paper under a month ago. You can see another manipulation of it in Aural Aurora, which I blogged about previous to this one. It’s basically derived from the same drawing. I just flipped the drawing on the horizontal plane for this piece. So I titled it Boolean Bellow Flipped.

Boolean is an abstract algebraic system that was developed by an English mathematician named George Boole. Boole is a surname of bull. The algebraic system he developed in 1851 denotes notations used to represent logical propositions, such as in computing and electronics. In computing, this translates as the binary variables of true and false. So here we have the notion of duality, but expressed in the title to a piece of art.

The large red and magenta bubble that looks like it’s in a slow motion process of popping reminded me of a bellow. Bellows used to be used to help fires grow in fireplaces. They may still be for all I know. So here I present to you this idea of a bubble popping, and a bellow blowing. Both of these ideas represent the expulsion of trapped or gathered air.

The air is directed towards the stick figure tree I drew crudely, but the tree, itself, looks rather unaffected. It looks like it has a protective bubble around itself, thus cushioning the adverse affects of some hot wind blowing its way. I drew the pink bubble originally with a water-based marker. I splashed water mixed with some old dusty ink in it to make the ink imbibe with the paper in random, fluid formations. I knew this would further help me create even more psychedelic patterns once I started digitally editing it with filters.

The straight lines of the college ruled paper are being obliterated by all the natural activity going on on top of them with the inks, and fluids. This is an expression of the balance between the linear thinking of Western culture, and the seemingly random—sometimes inexplicable—behavior of nature. We are all a part of nature. We are like conscious units that are able to reflect on nature however, making constructs to give ourselves senses of security, such as the stability of linear thinking.

Nothing physical lasts forever however. This picture helps to free up the notion that the rules of linear thought will last forever. It is my hope that Western culture starts understanding cycles, which permeate all existence, better. The poem I included in this piece reads:


In Wisteria,

Where the leaves wuther

In wonder

In wind swept eves,

Stars twinkle

In the ion pregnant sky,

Promising something unknown.


This is meant as a meditation that clears the way for something new, and letting go of the past. Empty spaces are often just promises for something new to be filled. Thus the space of emptiness is merely temporary. Hope is given in the line “in the ion pregnant sky.” I hope to inspire you with the random, free formations of brilliant color as expressed here so that you too may add your life to the spaces waiting to be filled in this world.


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March 24, 2017 · 7:08 am

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