Aural Aurora (version 1)


I titled this piece Aural Aurora to play with words. Aural pertains to hearing and and the sense of it with the ears. An aurora is a natural light phenomenon that happens at night in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of Earth. The word aura is found within the word aural, thus associating and suggesting the phenomena of auras as can be seen by some people around other peoples’ bodies. Auras are noted by these highly perceptive people to be fluctuating with a spectrum of colour.

This picture is an imagined combination of the above ideas described. It’s like you are at a polar region of the earth, and you’re witnessing Earth’s aura displaying a light show for you, but also including your aural sense. The vertical lines, evenly spaced, stretching across most of the picture plane in the background, can be seen as cosmic harp strings, playing along with the strokes and clouds of light.

I selected this image you see here as part of a larger drawing I drew a couple nights ago.  That other larger piece includes some poetic text I hand wrote on it. I plan on doing something with that too. But here, the irregular elliptical form in the clouds of the background nicely embrace the tree figure on the right, creating a sense of inclusion and unity with a night sky lit up by an auroral display.

This work accomplishes something I’d been considering as of late with regard to creativity, productivity, and ideals of perfection. Image making is the art of capturing something artistic within a fixed, two dimensional frame. All of physical reality is constantly changing. Even million year old rocks are changing on a molecular level, constantly. Sometimes image making seems like a neurotic activity to me because it’s an attempt to eternalize something that will never stay the same.

My way of coping with this unconscious futile attempt to fix and preserve something I may find beautiful is by letting the random, spontaneous forces of nature work through me as I relinquish many attempts to control outcomes with regard to what I produce. Watercolor is a good example of this. One can let the watercolor just bleed across a piece of paper and let it go where it may. The concept here is liquid. Anything liquid takes a path of its own, though artisans of all ages try to master it and control it.

Making art gives an artist a sense of control and mastery over his or her world. I like to question that sense of control and mastery by attempting to be random, and spontaneous. Artists train themselves to hone in on templates, such as the human body for example, and they attempt to master it by drawing it “better” than their peers. Better is of course relative, but I’ll just say that artists are really competitive. Denial of this is just face-saving in my opinion.

After civilizations die out on worlds, their ruins and remains are left behind. The Western world of culture I grew up in was and is filled with what is termed pop art. From Doritos bags, to Pepsi cans, to boxes of clothing detergent—all of these commodities are founded in pop art. My art is imagining what it will be like when nature recaptures the discarded items of pop art and starts returning their elements back to natural properties.



February 26, 2017 · 7:59 am

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