Astonished Buoyancy (version 1)


I drew this piece this last Summer. At the end of Summer. The Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque lasts from October 1st to the 9th however. The shapes here in my image are balloon shaped, and the background looks like borderline psychedelic clouds.

I have been thinking of my art as non-political lately. I used to make paintings that were quite in depth with symbolism and personal symbolism. I’m sure many of those paintings could be interpreted in political ways. However, way back when I first started seriously painting, I had NO interest in politics.

They are balloons with bones, or structures, in them; like kites have sticks to give them stability and structure. I found some similarities of this drawing to Odilon Redon’s work. He drew and painted cyclops type balloons and characters. Some of his most famous artworks include these strange symbols. While drawing this image, I wasn’t thinking about eyeballs however. I was thinking about the bulbous shape that standard balloons take.

In other drawings I use this shape as petal formations encircling the floral disc. There’s a term I learned a couple of years ago called “splanchnic.” It’s a scientific term for guts. As it applies to the orange fruit, splanchnic are those little bulbous formations containing nectar and juice inside the slices. I think of these balloon like formations as splanchnic.

Taking journeys upward, being lighter than air, are what balloons are built for. I remember seeing some fictional depictions of what could possibly be lifeforms on Jupiter in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. He called these lifeforms “floaters” because they were designed—or perhaps evolved—to float in the gaseous clouds of Jupiter. This idea always fascinated me. It opened my mind up to what alien lifeforms might look like.

Anyway, what I’m doing with my current drawings is making the viewer look at basic lines, dots, and shapes. I add subtle layers by washing the pieces with water or acetone to distort and bleed the shapes and lines. The continuous spaces that water creates with the colors allows for new dimensions to be penetrated. Instead of being totally two dimensional, the drawings end up flooding into new, unexpected, characterized world fulfillments.

The spaces between the lines are intended to capture mood, memory, association, and projection for the viewer. The spaces allow the mind to wander. The surrounding structures allow for stability.



December 15, 2016 · 9:26 am

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