Bower of Briar (version 1)


When finishing up a new work of art, my mind often draws nothing I would consider witty and poetic when I try to complete it with a title. Yesterday, I was streaming my consciousness, and jotted down a few thoughts and titles with respect to this piece. One of them was “Matchsticks for a Gas Stove.” While I have been micro-blogging my conflict with respect to climate change science lately, I just didn’t want to associate this piece with politics.

My art is an escape from politics. It’s a place of magic, wonder, exploration, experimentation, fun, mystery, intrigue, fantasy, poetry, and imagination. Politics has a tendency to destroy all that for me. So I compartmentalize my intellectual and creative pursuits. The title, Matchsticks for a Gas Stove, would have had too much suggestion of careless human CO2 production as narrated by Washington’s cadre of left-leaning politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, and journalists. Please understand that I’m not an anti-leftist. I just have been disappointed by the left’s tendency to favor big banks and illegal wars over the working classes in the last several years.

With my art, I really want to escape, or at least transcend, the confining roles of left vs right politics. I know that George Orwell wrote that “all art is propaganda” last century, but I still want to transcend that perception. I figure that left vs right politics, as a gestalt, or greater whole, holds itself in check, and rocks back and forth like a pendulum over time. This enables me to let go of insecure needs to insert left or right pieces of information for public consumption on social media.

In finally reaching the other side of this bridge over political waters, I found a satisfactory part of my life to write about and share with you associated with my new image. A few years ago, I was dating someone who really opened my heart up in a way that I’ve NEVER in my whole life experienced before. I had decided to break up with her because I already knew what the outcome between us would be. I had lost a job I had back then and I had to move back in with family. These factors significantly insecuritized me and I knew that I would be betrayed in some way, so I cut things off.

I haven’t dated anyone for the last few years. I have had experiences, but I just pretty much avoid relationships now. Compared to the average person, it is like ten times a challenge for me to open up, trust, and love another person. Most people, I find, to be mostly self-serving, and often in ways I find treacherous and untrustworthy. This includes the woman I started to fall in love with. I forgive her however. Nonetheless, I have not and will not pursue any kind of friendship with her, not out of spite, but in order to protect myself from being hurt.

What I want to describe in reference to this image I’m posting here is the sense that the woman I was with did something permanent for my heart. She opened up a new dimension of love for me that, as I already mentioned, I had never experienced before. It’s like she spiritually infused an added quality of love into the locked away parts of my heart since I was a child. Perhaps she added nothing, and my heart was ready to open up to a new dimension when I was with her to start with.

Anyway, this image looks, to me, like two different kinds of heat: Red inferno surrounding emissions of blue flames. The twigs with leaf-like formations on their ends can be perceived as matchsticks, thus giving the impression of using matches to help a gas stove light up. Blue flame is considered a more pure form of heat that won’t blacken pots and pans when its flame seers them. Symbolically, the blue center represents the places inside me that have been replaced with purer forms of love as they grow and expand further—tentatively at times—outward into the world of raging, lusty, careless, media / dust storms.



November 20, 2016 · 7:01 am

2 responses to “Bower of Briar (version 1)

  1. Wonderful! I found you on Word Press. Now if I can just find the follow button. Word Press has hidden everything. Love your work.

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