Ghosts of Flower Bones (version 1)


Here is an expression—a culmination—of what I really love in life. I’ve been working at a very condescending, obstructive, and incompetent environment for the last three months, and I was recently let go. Normally, I would have felt rejected, and sorry for myself, but this time I felt a sense of peace and freedom I haven’t felt for a long time. I had been working on this mixed media drawing in the last couple of weeks up to the point at which I was let go from this recent job. I finally finished it the day after I was let go.

This drawing is a culmination of so many ideas and artists who have inspired me: Paul Klee, Maria Elena Vieira Da Silva, Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh, and many others. Da Silva and Klee have such unique and individual ways of expressing the line in art that their obsession was passed on to me. I love the idea of objects being translucent in a spiritual sense and my senses being able to perceive and imbibe the multiple layers that they stack around me.

Cezanne was known as the progenitor of Cubism, though he did not invent cubism. It was Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who officially developed scientific cubism. Nonetheless, when one looks at Cezanne’s still lifes, one can see the odd angles at which the different objects in the scenes are depicted. This is a distorted sense that I wanted to emulate here in this drawing and take it on a journey of my own efforts. Perhaps Van Gogh’s sense of color and swirls can be picked up here as well.

I used different papers and pages from old books pasted together as the preparation background on which I would draw this drawing. I made sure that the text, patterns, and pictures from the collage work did not show too boldly by washing it with diluted primer and acrylic paint. For the black lines—which I see as skeletal structures for the flowers, vases, and tea cup—I used an ink pen that bleeds under the influence of water.

For a lot of the spaces that I colored in, I used Sharpie markers. Then, to give the sharpie colors a washed-out watercolor effect, I used acetone as a wash flung over it, and brushed over the picture plane. I touched things up with more highlights and colors by using dry and oil pastels.

This picture really looks to me quite dimensional with depth. It is a quality I’ve noted in previous paintings I’ve done in the past. Depth and dimension seem to be things I don’t really have to struggle with creating. It comes naturally. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece. I haven’t posted any new artwork for a few months now. It’s because, again, I was working at a miserable job with very unhappy people. Now that my emotional energy is free of that toxic environment, I will be posting my art more often now.


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November 7, 2016 · 3:55 am

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