Running on Faith (version 4)


Running on Faith is derived from Anna’s Amorphic Hour. I wanted to give this idea of legs, run by a steam-engine, a visual expression at a certain point in creating Anna’s Amorphic Hour. But I also knew that the steam stacks on old trains from the 1800s resemble vases, so I imagined Anna’s legs, coupled with the top of a vase, in this alternate reality. I already had the material for poppy flowers, which I used in The New Handheld Garden for You and Blue, so I plucked a selection of those flowers and plopped them digitally into the vase composing the upper torso.

To give you more of an idea of what materials I used, and the work involved, the background is composed of paper collage work I’d assembled prior to using it as digital material for my digital artwork. As you can see, it looks like I did more to my collage work than just pasting pieces of paper together. I also used sand-paper to give it a weathered look; I also used diluted primer to fade out the colors, and I also used a water diluted neutral dark hue to further add to its weathered look.

I just like what nature does to objects, tossed away pieces of paper, and even buildings, over time. From bleating relentless sunlight in the Summer, to layers of snow and rainstorms in the winter, things obtained their weathered qualities and characters. At a certain point in my development as an artist I found that the flow of creation often happened more effortlessly when I let the mediums I was working with do what they would naturally do upon my first initiations of producing a piece. This was most notable in using more liquid and liquid-like mediums, such as water, acrylic, and oil paints diluted with mineral spirits.

I was sort of inviting nature and chaos to do their things in my projects. I felt like I was letting other spirits express themselves through me. It almost seems like I was being a medium or channeler, but I was fully aware of everything I was doing while creating. I don’t have the studio I used to have, so I can’t fully explore all the wonderful, strange ideas I’d developed over the years. I work on much smaller scales now, as I produce drawings on paper with varieties of pens.

Running on Faith is a hybrid of digital imagery and traditional media. I don’t really mind  combining the digital world with the mediums of the traditional art world. I just personally would hate to see digital art completely consume traditional forms of art making so that the older processes become forgotten relics of the past. I have always found that ideas are ideally made material on traditional media, such as sketchpads. The idea can be played with and manipulated in successive sketches with water-colors, pens, pencils, etc.

There are just a lot more mind, perception, hand, and eye processes that go on in creating art traditionally that are left behind in digital art making. To me, comparing a traditional artist with a purely digital artist is like comparing a black belt in Karate with a master of some martial arts video game.

Running on Faith alludes to our current global financial melt-down, and how Western governments have come to the end of putting everything on credit. The fact that the vase and flowers composing the upper torso look like the stack of a steam-engine on a train suggests a return to early 20th century life-styles as peoples across the Western world wake up to realities that their governments won’t be there to take care of them as much anymore as was the case in the great 20th century.


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July 13, 2016 · 4:41 am

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