Megalopolis Untitled Number Nine (version 28)


I made this image back in 2011 when I was working on my first Wrecked Tangles project, titled Wrecked Tangles (encircled). For new viewers, Wrecked Tangles (encircled) is a play on words. It’s a more difficult way of saying “rectangles and circles.” That is the basic theme of this project. I finished the (encircled) project over three years ago, but I wanted to repost a highlight from that project.

In all of my Wrecked Tangles projects, I catalog each series alphabetically, and each piece either numerically or alphanumerically. This helps me to organize and give some order to such massive projects. While they are mostly created digitally, their foundation media is traditional, as I scan in mixed media drawings as bases.

This image you see here is from the Wrecked Tangles (encircled) S series. I titled it Megalopolis Untitled Number Nine (version 28). I chose such a long title for semi-nonsensical reasons. It does, however, look like you are looking straight down at a cityscape from an airplane perhaps as a bombardier. Why would you be a bombardier? you may ask me. You wouldn’t. I’m just giving you an idea here.

I actually auctioned this piece off as a print at an auction here in Albuquerque to provide assistance to the victims in Japan after the tsunami hit their Nation in March, 2011. I was glad to be able to help in some small way. The fact that this graphic has a big red circle in the lower left corner of the picture plane is fitting for Japan, as the Japanese flag has a red circle in the center of it symbolizing the Rising Sun.

A dream I’d had recently suggesting I have a bigger fan base in Japan than I do in the US prompted me to repost this image again. So, if my dream has any substance to it on this plane, thank you to my friends in and from Japan. May this image be a message of courage and strength as you rebuild your life from previous catastrophes, man-made and natural. The circle of red can be a place in which you store your tools and energy for whenever you need.


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February 26, 2016 · 8:15 am

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