Ring Swimmers (version 1)


This piece is derived from Meme Catcher. It’s basically one of the corners of Meme Catcher repeated four times. Can you guess which corner? I like the way the corner looks in Meme Catcher, and I knew it could be used as material for a picture in itself.

All in all, it really is just an attempt at a pretty design. I’ve been to Hobby Lobby a couple times recently, and I really enjoy the wall decor they’ve been selling there lately. They are just fascinating arabesques crafted with metal and wires. I feel this is a piece that could be sold there. I have made it as a print however.

In the future, when I have access to more materials and resources, I’d like to get into making wall reliefs, metal decors, arabesques, and so forth. So I’ve been recording every day a development of ideas on this kind of theme. It really is exciting! I feel that it is an addition to my Micro-Chimerisms idea, as well as my Wrecked Tangles theme.

The ideas I develop are like stylized worlds unto themselves. To explain it in a certain way, each ideological theme is like one artist, say, for example, Van Gogh, and the next theme is, for another example, like Paul Klee. In another way of explaining it, each ideological theme I develop is like the product of a character portrayed in a novel. Since I am one person—the creator, the artist—the thematic worlds I imagine and develop sometimes merge.

This is where new ideas are born—the merging and hybridization of two or more previous ideas. That’s why you often see layers upon layers of imagery in my recent works. The last idea I posted, Cherubesque, was an attempt at this. I’m not satisfied with that picture though. In fact, I think it’s rather mediocre. Nevertheless, Cherubesque has an idea in it I want to develop more. That is the idea of intertwining human bodies. William Blake often depicted this in his works. I’d like to develop works involving many human bodies composing intertwining shapes and forms, such as eight-pointed stars and so on.

Ring Swimmers has binary fish swimming around inside golden rings, joining together symmetrically in the center of the vignette. I say vignette because the center of interest has a highlit quality to it, even though it is indeed defined by the framing borders. I didn’t really think about the symbology of four rings, and eight fish. I invite you to imagine what it means to you. Other than that, I feel it’s a nice calming meditative piece, indicating wealth and security.


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January 14, 2016 · 9:45 am

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