Cherubesque (version 7)


What you have come to expect is a miracle. What I give you is fish so that you may swim through the messages, come upon an understanding, and walk upright thereafter. Then I shall make you fishers. And when you have mastered the art of playing cards on roiling seas aboard schooners of imperfect reason, I shall make you fishers of your brothers and sisters.

I titled this piece Cherubesque as a hybridized name. Cherubs are angels, and arabesques are intertwined and interweaving patterns. I felt that certain figures within this amalgamation communicated associations with cherubs. I also notice how sharks, deep sea divers, and yoga pants wearers have similar skins in common. Therefore, the spinning, swimming, intertwining patterns of the fish, the divers, the engine parts, the search for food, and the hunt for understanding combine into one sub-terrestrial, underwater, aquarium of amusement and fulfillment.


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January 7, 2016 · 8:48 pm

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