Lucky Trust (version 4)


I originally started this drawing intending to fill in its background with something. It was a struggle figuring out what I thought would look good. I finally decided to fill it with a very light gray watercolor wash. This gave the original drawing a cloudy look. Please see Lucky Trust (version 1 [the Art of eVan post previous to this one]) to see what I’m talking about.

I had thought of filling the background with a lavender color, using felt-tip pens, but this just seemed like the color would be too bold and dark. In this version you see here, I used A Synthesis of Matter and Mind to put as a layer behind the Lucky Trust design. I posted A Synthesis of Matter and Mind (versions 12 and 14) back in 2013. It was just sort of a spur of the moment idea to combine these two pieces.

I think it worked well. It makes me think of looking down from a bird’s eye view at an ancient Greek or Chinese fish pond. You can see the swirling patterns of fish forming triangulations in the spaces surrounding the center. They aren’t as evident in this version as they are in the original drawing because the blue hues in the background approximate with the green in the bodies of the fishes.

There probably is a lot more symbolism in this piece than I may be aware of, but the things that are significant to me right now is the biblical quote by Jesus of “I will make you fishers of men” when he is talking to his disciples. I’ve sometimes pondered how far reaching the idea behind that quote is, as it actually applies to modern day marketing and sales. After reading Buyology, by Martin Lindstrom, I have learned how religion can be used intimately with selling something.

I painted a seven-pointed star in a painting I made in 2004 called The Dead God is Reborn. Back then, I was really impressed with Egyptian art, architecture, hieroglyphs and jewelry. I got a book on the discoveries archeologists found in King Tutankhamun’s burial site. One of the items they found was a beautiful gold and bejeweled necklace of a scarab beetle. Briefly, the scarab beetle symbolized birth, death, and rebirth to ancient Egyptians. The number 7, to me, is a symbol of studiousness and research. It also has a cutting, dissecting, sharp aspect to it, rendering people who bear it in their numerological charts as “sharp,” and intelligent.

Lately, I have been fascinated with the decor found in old iron fences, like how Europeans used to make surrounding mansions. They use spirals and overlapping undulations in their design vectors. I used to not take too much note of them, but now I do. I’d made the connection between the intricate webbing that can be found in the dream catchers of certain Native American tribes. I realized that these kinds of universal patterns and designs, such as spirals and networks, are like psychic storage “units” for energy, memories, dreams, thoughts, healing and so forth.

I present this piece here as a lucky blessing to all who view it. May you find comfort, safety, and security as you gaze upon the intricate designs, and help yourself build faith in accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be.


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November 27, 2015 · 12:21 am

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