Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) H1


The archaic character you don’t recognize off to the lower right of this image is a character from the Glagolitic alphabet, which represents L in the English language. In my recent fascination with language and math characters from around the world, I have been drawing a few of them that catch my eye. Drawing a character from any alphabet puts its shape into my memory so I can redraw it anew in the future without having to look at it again for reference. In a sense, drawing, painting, and even writing helps me to commit anything to memory; it’s like a mapping process that helps to work out the kinks.

I drew several other letters, numbers, and punctuation marks from the English language to give you a sense of stability as a speaker of this language. While it is not my intention to alienate those of you who speak other languages, I must limit myself mostly to the usage of English when I draw a word in order to be able to explain what my intentions are for using that word in a particular art piece, as I am monolingual.

This image is basically the foundation drawing for Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) H series. I find the letter H to identify the group it’s in to be quite fitting for it due to the fact that it looks like you are witnessing a three dimensionally imagined black-hole.

What it reminds me of is those explanations astrophysicists sometimes show to describe how a black-hole might look if it were three dimensional. They will place a heavy metal ball on to the surface of a bed, thereby depressing the part of the bed that the ball is placed on. These kinds of explanations of the curvature of space and time with respect to super-heavy objects–like black-holes–are, I feel, the best because they give a simple visual representation that anyone can understand.

I’ve been fascinated by surfaces, mediums, settings, contexts, and textures for a long time now. I’ve pretty much concluded that anything can be a tool or medium to use for artistic purposes. I wanted to reproduce a visualization I had of an information vortex, and express it in a Wrecked Tangles themed style. I have described to you before how you can imagine quilts being landscapes. Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) H1 is another fulfillment for a variation on that theme.

I’m often amused by how the surface of beds can be used to explain the fabric of space and time, and their fabrics can also be used as surfaces to paint or draw on… that is, if they are prepared properly for that purpose. I find this all amusing because the bed is symbolic of sleep, dreaming, and pleasure. It is a doorway, if you will, for which your imagination can roam through its wildest dreams.


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