Open Your Heart to Me (version 1)


How can I speak to this one? The intricacies? The detail? Let’s explore it and find out. It came from a piece I made back in March of 2011 called Four Hearts With Spines. That piece involves this piece times four; it’s a 4X repeat of this piece you see here, but its dimensions are square instead of rectangular.

The intricate details in this piece remind me of the inner chambers of the human heart. I’d learned about the complexity of the cardiovascular system in my schooling for the medical field, so this image is representative of that. The heart has four chambers in it—the left and right ventricular and atrial chambers—which pump blood in and out of it so as to refresh and re-oxygenate the blood.

The pink and red colors and tones are suggestive of Valentines Day, which is one circumstance that inspired the posting of it for you to see in regards to updates on the Art of eVan. I titled this picture Open Your Heart to Me because it looks like a complex and artistic catalog of an open heart. It looks like an open heart surgery perhaps.

The chambers and the flows of the waves, currents, and layers of the convolutions give a sense of motion to a living biological pump called the heart. These qualities provide the viewer impressions of life, passion, love, relationships, and romance. I usually don’t explore such topics as romance in my art, but it is a central theme to humankind, so I flirt around with it every so often.

When you peel back the layer of romance, passion, and relationships, you get to a more core quality of trust, faith, and confidence. Confidence is a topic I explored with you in the piece I titled Fiducial Mechanics. This piece is allegorical with that one, as well as Stories to Tell, a painting I made back in the early 2000s.

Trust and faith have religious connotations attached to them. I have no resistance to this notion because I see all of life, and patterns in nature repeating themselves. Rituals compose the activities of life, whether if they’re found in the various religions so as to connect people with one another and higher sources, or if they are found in the endless fractal patterns of crystals.

I associate the word faith with confidence. I have been seeing how so many human activities are based on common ritualistic activities—such as buying food at a grocery store—that are just patterns of confidence. I say these things are patterns of confidence because we just take it for granted that there are grocery stores where we can buy food at any time. The repetition of an act builds confidence to the point that it merely becomes second nature.

The heart is a complex activity that is so unconscious to our conscious selves that we just take it for granted that it will continue to beat till the ends of our lives. I raise awareness of this unconscious, bodily activity with this image for all to see, and to marvel at in a picture, a visual interpretation, artistically.


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