Organic Copy Machine (version 4)


Organic Copy Machine is an amalgamation unto itself. I say that because I hadn’t used any previous material of mine, nor any digital material not of my making, in the layering enumerated in this picture. There are three things that popped out at me after situating portions and selections drawn from Question Scoops (see previous post). Nevertheless, I think you may have fun finding things herein that I hadn’t identified or thought of.

The first and foremost thing that pops out at me are the four silhouetted, hand-like shapes gathered towards the center. They appear to be going after and eating the red dots, which are also gathered around the center. The fact that the hand-like shapes are silhouetted gives them a mutable, inchoate quality.

This, of course, propagates the enigmatic qualities found in art in general. A basic example of this is when you see faces and patterns in the textures of the paint on your walls, or see forms and shapes in clouds. That is really the exciting part of peoples’ participation in the multi-faceted venture into art. It’s meant to take viewers past the world of definition into areas of ambiguity for healing purposes in my estimation.

You can reflect on yourself in looking at art, as it is a mere representation of what goes on in your mind. Art is a relief valve, allowing you to bypass the harsh judgements of others, and consider things you would otherwise actively resist consciously. The characters, shapes, events, and activities of your life can be projected on to art, such as pictures like this, which give them some sense of order, structure, understanding, and recognition, even if they still remain undefined in your conscious mind.

Resolutions don’t always have to be confronted directly front and center. I sometimes avoid resolving things through directly confronting them, as this can deter and scare off solutions. Sometimes it’s better to indirectly approach a situation, a person, or a personal issue. That’s what the tracks surrounding the center of this work of art suggest.

The tracks of half-lunar like shapes forming a figure eight-like shape look as if they could represent the movements and activities of two different worlds, and they meet one another in their cycles of movement. It also looks like the cell-dividing process called mitosis, hence the title Organic Copy Machine. On the right and left hand sides, germinating processes appear to be illustrated as bulbs breaking into the air from the ground. Also, a couple of faces can be seen at the top, and repeated at the bottom. You may see the eyes and chin.


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