Question Scoops (version 1)


This drawing was originally initiated using a black ball-point pen. It should be obvious which shapes herewith are filled out in this media. Other elements of this drawing involve the usage of magic markers, felt-tip pens, and gel pens. The magic markers and felt-tip pens have an interesting trait that they share with water color. These pens, however, are different in that an artist has more directional control over their production.

I like the shape of the light-bulb—the traditional 20th century tungsten light-bulb, that is. Its shape is analogous to hot-air balloons and question marks. A water tower in Wahoo, Nebraska also shares in the contours of this shape. It’s a very utilitarian shape that people usually take for granted. It has been one of my intents, as an artist, to explore, highlight, and represent basic utilitarian items, shapes and objects by drawing on their relationships in odd and strange ways.

The odd, the strange, and the weird have been life-long interests of mine, as I am often annoyed by standardized, cliche, unquestioning ways of thinking. Yet, I usually have no choice but to draw upon these mundane aspects of the life, the culture, and the society that surrounds me. So, when things or people come within my vicinity, my conscious, or unconscious mind, goes to work in highlighting all of those unquestioned, curious, and strange overlooked spaces.

In a certain way, the black blocks and shapes composing the skeletal structure of this drawing are symbolic of those areas shrouded by the standardized collective mind. It’s as if you are looking at a spiritual MRI, or supernatural x-ray. Seeing through the layers of my surroundings, people, places, things, animals and organisms into their core truths, philosophies, intents, and thoughts has been a theme for a number of years now in what I strive to show you, my viewer.

The notion of titling this piece Question Scoops was derived from the scoop-like question mark shapes dipping across the lower region. They are upside-down, reminiscent Spanish grammar and sentence structure with respect to querying, or interrogation. Questions are meant to obtain more information, as seekers of their bearers attempt to relieve themselves by asking others for satisfactory answers. The scoops in this image look as if they are scooping into piles of earthly elements on a landscape.

The center of interest here is the machine-like contraption filling most of the space out with its tubes, funnels, extensions, arms, and bulbs. It is meant to look like an organism however, redeeming it from the idea of a non-living, mechanical apparatus. It is meant to convey character, autonomy, and curiosity.


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