Balloon Collection (version 2)


Derived from Question Scoops, I focused on the collection of light-bulb or balloon-like shapes as a piece to be shown in itself. I let the crude, stressed, recycled qualities unfold as I copied and pasted parts and shapes from the original image on to this one. It’s supposed to look like a reprint of a reprint, but the artist went back and tweaked a few things in order to differentiate it from the original print.

As I look at this image right now, I’m starting to find some dissatisfaction with the edges. The circular edges of the shapes touching the borders of the top, left, and bottom of this picture are creating too much tension, I feel, for the viewer’s eye to find relief in exploring the other parts of the representation. I think I’ll leave it as is for now, and use it as a motivator to perhaps “improve” upon it in ways that would allow for more space surrounding these points of tension.

You can really see the direction of the strokes of the pen as I blacked out and filled in the designated balloon-like areas. It looks like a contraption, or a machine of some sort. Perhaps it’s a pump for an irrigation system, or maybe it’s a medical device. Anyhow, the intent here communicates a kind of helping mechanism. As you peer into the contours, colors, and shapes of this image, your unconscious mind can review difficulties you may have been having, and the structures here can help you realign areas of your life that may have not fit into your sensibilities satisfactorily.

Perhaps the tensions that I pointed out to you in this composition communicate a need to grow past some borders you may have been questioning lately. It is a centered piece, in that the visual gravity is directly in the center, rather than off to one side or the other. Yet, it is not perfectly symmetrical. Each quadrant doesn’t bear the exact proportions of one another. There is enough differentiation to maintain intrigue.

The general motion of this illustration is upwards, suggesting the forces contained in balloons gently and persistently pushing upwards. There is what looks like a weight pulling downwards, but it appears to not be able to overcome the upward forces of the balloons, hence giving a sense of centeredness, ballast, and balance.


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