Patent Intersection (version 1)


In the creation of the drawing this image is derived from, I selected all the blue, yellow, and orange pens I had in my possession, and scribbled the little squares you see represented here. Of course the colors you see in this image are not the colors I used for the foundation drawing. Furthermore, this image shows the squares continuing in diagonal angles, whereas the original drawing shows them as horizontal and vertically positioned.

The squares, themselves, are not perfectly aligned, and this is the effect I wanted. It gives it that human, child-like quality that many artists are wont to get away from in order to prove themselves as masters over their novice years. Yet, the child-like state is where artists need to enter into in order to escape the dictations of perfection.

I decided to make this image as part of my Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) series. While it could fit into my Micro-Chimerisms series, I decided it could be a part of my Wrecked Tangles series. It reminded me a lot of the beginning works I produced from my Wrecked Tangles (Encircled) series–in particular, the C series.

This image also reminds me of another dream I had long ago in which I was above planet earth in my dream body, and as I looked around out into space, I saw that it was not empty after all. Every direction was composed with tiny keys, or mosaic pieces, that, if I could get the tone correct as if I were playing a piano, I could almost instantly teleport across the universe to whichever identification that particular tone took me to.

So here you have the idea here of all the subtle variations of color, and how they each can represent a memory, a place, a dream, an idea in the constellation of your mind, your universe. You have to render yourself sensitive enough, however, in the attenuation to different states of consciousness. This, then, enables you to learn how to have more control over the dimensions you visit.

From another perspective, this image also looks like it could be a stone mosaic on the wall or floor of a temple. Perhaps it could be in the atrium of a nice hospital where patients can go relax in their journeys of healing; it could be on the floor of a fountain in the middle of an atrium of a museum. I remember the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska has a fountain in the middle of its atrium, but it doesn’t have a mosaic embedded on its floor.


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