Mysteries of the Cab (version 1)


At first, I thought of titling this piece Intraluminal Autoclave, but I realized that, while I did see where I could take that title, it was too dry and technical sounding. At least, that’s how I feel about it now. The title I thought to be more fitting was staring at me in front of my face. It’s the bold words you can sort of make out behind the patterns I drew in front of them on the left side of the picture.

Mysteries of the Cab became the revised title for this image. The words were cut out of a book titled Magic, Words, and Numbers, by Stuart Holroyd. It’s a book about Supernatural phenomena and their relationships with magic, words, and numbers. Other materials incorporated into the preparation collage include print-outs of mechanical diagrams. Others are print-outs of text from scientific publications.

The above was to be the surface upon which I drew the patterns and designs with ball-point and gel pens. While I thought that this image may be a little too busy, or a little too cluttered, I figured that this was the direction I wanted to take it anyway. I love the different patterns and designs that pop out to me when in the process of creation. For me, this is tapping into the continuum of creativity.

After scanning the image onto the computer, I found myself to be not as impressed with what I made as I thought I might be. I manipulated the image with curves, inversions, color flushing, and filters–but still to no sense of fulfillment. So I let go of my efforts at metamorphosing my creation for a day, and then came back to it. I made several other variations and transformed pieces of this image into other works of art.

This is the reason why I’m posting this image. I want to show you the original foundation of the piece I concluded this series with. What I stumbled upon was quite surprising. There seems to be extra hands helping me when I create art. Hence, the idea of the supernatural is suggested in this image. My mind first has to penetrate into that continuum of creativity before I can accelerate with better and better ideas. It’s a paradox however, because even work I find to be most crass and repulsive I know can be used as material with which to produce something great.

Mysteries of the Cab, again, was cut-out from a book, but the full words were Mysteries of the Cabala, and this was a chapter in what used to be the book I already mentioned. I felt there were some similarities in title with the song by Bauhaus called Spy in the Cab. Perhaps there are other suggestions to your unconscious mind in my usage of pareidolia, but I think I will leave that to your unconscious mind to know.


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