The Masks of Human Emotion (catalog #31)

The Masks of Human Emotion (catalog #31)

This is the first painting I ever made concerning an idea I had been thinking about around the 1992-1993 Winter era. It is a painting I made in high school, so there are amateur elements to it. I’m not too concerned about that though. I think the act of creating art is a risk one takes. Albeit, a social risk, but nonetheless, it still is a risk of being mocked, misunderstood, or criticized.

It is understood in science now that we all possess nocireceptors in our nervous system which are basically nervous receptors for pain. What researchers have found, more to my point here, is that people actually experience pain in these receptors, though there may be no immediate physical impacts upon one’s body. A person can witness seeing someone else get hurt, and their nocireceptors react with pain to the observed situation.

This brings me to the notion of the social masks we all wear so that we can function and interact with one another on a daily basis. Our masks are the roles we play for anyone in our lives. Some masks can be quite deceptive to the people around us so as not to let on to any clues about how one really feels.

Taken a step further, people often feel so unworthy and rejected by others (though this may be false belief patterns) that they decide to take psychotropic drugs advertised to them in the media so that they will think, feel, and interact with others “better” and will have a “stable” life that doesn’t create drama and depression.

After all this conditioning is experienced in a person’s day, he or she goes home, and goes into his or her room and closes the door so that solitude and reflection can be had once again. When this happens, the masks are taken off, and a person is once again “real” and more honest with his or herself.

During this time in my life, half of my day was in class at high school, so I painted this painting during art class to express something I didn’t necessarily have a desire to put into words. I was also very into the band Bauhaus, and there was a single that I bought via mail order called Terror Couple Kill Colonel that they made. The title for that song actually pertained to a news story that the members of Bauhaus decided to use for lyrics in one of their songs. On the cover of that single are some masks hanging from a hook. Here’s a link to that song and the cover of the single I’m writing about…


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