Worked Organic Fire (version 4)

Worked Organic Fire (version 4)

Since I started a trend with purple and blue in the last image I posted here, I thought I’d continue it with this violet fiery eye muse. Perhaps some of you may remember this same image, but in different colors: orange and yellow primarily. This is a different version of it.

It’s amazing how just changing the colors of an image can create an entirely new experience with a work of art. That’s why I love exploring many different variations on a certain theme, or composition.

I used a lot of different materials, both digital and physical materials, in the making of this series. I used some portions from my painting The Fabric of Life, which are essentially the bright flower-like structures, and I also used some graphics from Islamic mosaics for the background in the sky. These patterns can be associated as leaves on trees. It’s a visual vignette, if you will.

There are trunks of trees near the bottom which add to your impression that you are looking at a landscape, though quite alien in perception. The title is Worked Organic Fire implying the “fire” that courses through all of life, working it in organic, energetic, and ever renewed ways.


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March 3, 2014 · 7:52 am

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