What’s War Got To Do With It? (version 8)

What's War Got To Do With It? (version 8)

While I just created this particular version of this drawing, the original was made back in 2008. It’s from a drawing done with graphite on paper. I scanned it into the computer back then, and made a few manipulations.

The title “What’s War Got To Do With It?” was inspired by a song Tina Turner made called What’s Love Got To Do With It? I wasn’t very geopolitically literate, even in 2008, so I really couldn’t express myself in words as to what goes on in geopolitical affairs, such as war for example.

The strokes and hatch-marks look like they are composed of gold. While gold has been a currency to park wealth at in history, it is not presently. In fact, the gold standard was un-hinged from the dollar in 1971 by president Nixon.

The centralized wealth of a nation and the geopolitical forces of war and defense are inextricably interrelated. I believe that the emotion of love is also permeated throughout global affairs as well. That’s why I made the title as it is for this series.

The year 2014 is right around the corner, and a few economic forecasters, such as Martin Armstrong, are blogging in their blogs that we are looking at the beginnings of war expressed as civil unrest, and revolution for the next year, and to last, at least, until 2016.

Some examples of what we are looking at here in America are already being expressed in European countries such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. They are having such incredible problems with their failed currency–the Euro–that their unemployment rates are at 60% and more.

The Euro and the dollar are very dependent on each other, so when Europe really pinwheels at full speed in its economic downward spiral, this major catastrophe will ripple over to America. The dollar is by no means a stable currency, though it is presently the world’s main currency. This is not going to be a mainstay however. China’s currency has passed the value of the Euro in the market.

In a sense, this picture sort of symbolically answers the question for people What’s War Got To Do With It? Well, international economic failure has a lot to do with it, if not everything, since economies run on things such as confidence, love, marriage, generosity, peace, and so forth.


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