The Coincide-Dance (version 2)

The Coincide-Dance (version 2)

The idea I was attempting to express on a first try with some markers here was the idea of so-called solid objects passing through different mediums, such as water, or air. The supposedly non-solid mediums are drawn in rectangular, cuboidal, and triangular objects and planes.

I was also trying to express an artistically expressed dimension of Plato’s idea of “shadows on a cave wall.” Some 20th century physicists sometimes compared the third dimension of reality as a sort of shadow of the fourth, which is time. Time is described as a continuum, and when it’s viewed as a sort of separate state from one’s self after participating in it, it can be seen as a sort of medium, or state, or condition.

I was also attempting to express another abstract way of depicting flesh and bones. Bones are solid, and flesh is more malleable. Objects passing through different mediums in time are like the bones, and their surroundings are like the flesh. This supports the notion that we are really not separate beings from our environments, but our environments are really extensions of ourselves.


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December 2, 2013 · 7:40 am

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