Wrecked Tangles (After the Crash) version D1


While I had the time, I thought I’d begin the D series for this near-future oriented retrospective on the current state of humanity. I already uploaded the first image for the C series, and I plan on making a variety of variations and sub-series within it, as well as the same for the D series.

The star shape in the upper left corner of the picture is actually a piece of cardboard in a star-shape. I pasted it to a rectangular piece of cardboard for a base. Of course I primed everything, and then I sanded down some of the rough spots. I had to do that because I’d also pasted some paper tissues to the surface in order to give the plane some more texture to work with when I added all the other media on top of it.

As you can see, I pasted pieces of cut-outs from magazines, as well as from print-outs, on to the surface. These features have a sort of window-like character to them. If the picture were animated, it would look like there are many different activities going on behind a foreground of pastel and marker media.

With this work, I was able to successfully integrate some more three dimensional qualities, as the simple house-like shapes over off to the right of the picture make it look like the viewer is looking down at a neighborhood.

I drew in some keyboard characters on the picture because I really like the shapes of letters and characters. So many things that are commonly used for utilitarian purposes attract my attention. I feel like they have other aesthetic qualities to them that people most often ignore. Not only that, but utilitarian tools and objects can be combined into seemingly nonsensical combinations and aggregations.

A lot of my Wrecked Tangles ideas look like they are what a visual trip through a subconscious mind and its digestive activity after consuming data and information surrounding it in various environments. Much of our culture is pure advertisement, and commercialism, so I’m giving some visual perspective on what your subconscious mind does in breaking apart and assimilating everything into something manageable to yourself.


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November 29, 2013 · 8:24 am

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