The Feather-Swept Sky (version 5)

The Feather-Swept Sky (version 5)

I made this image back in June, 2013. It started out with using magic marker on paper. There was some bleed through from some rubbing alcohol I applied to drawings on previous pages. I incorporated the designs into the stains.

What you see here is a digital manipulation of the original drawing. It’s basically the drawing times four. I use mirroring techniques to accomplish what you see here, as well as in other images.

I realized that the process that I take in many of my creations is the process of unfoldment. Unfoldment is different than development in the sense that unfolding is organic, and flower like, whereas development is more machine like, and each machine developed can’t develop more without a designer making a new model.

Unfoldment is a process that takes place from within a living organism or being. So growth, life, and will come from within a living being, not a “lifeless” machine.

I titled this piece The Feather Swept Sky. I imagined all the feathers of birds sweeping the skies of earth and magically sweeping away all the pollution. This image reminds me of some Native American art and jewelry. It also reminds me of ancient Egyptian art work and jewelry.

I suppose it’s a religious and mystical image bringing us all back a reminder of ancient religions, tribes, and civilizations. It’s the wisdom from our past, and the magical beliefs people had. Especially the belief of respecting and honoring the earth as a living, breathing being, not a dead rock to be used up by the never-ending greed of one percent moguls.


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November 21, 2013 · 4:38 am

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