Biopsy of Cuboidal Definitions (version 1)

Biopsy of Cuboidal Definitions (version 1)

I decided to pull out the W series for my Wrecked Tangles (Encircled) project and work on a few things I saw that I could take further with it. The lower left quadrant of Wrecked Tangles W1 looked like it could be represented as an image in itself, so I selected it, and flipped it around a couple times to get the situation you see here.

A biopsy is a sample from someone’s body that is selected by a physician in order to send it to the laboratory for studying and analyzing. When fluids or selections of flesh are put under the microscope, one usually sees living cells, and other matter.

Well, in the Wrecked Tangles art project, I predominantly use the rectangle and square as the basic structure for the compositions throughout. This is to relay to the viewer that the square and rectangle can be infinitely expressed in infinite combinations and variations. Such a simple structure as a rectangle can be renewed into new ways of seeing.

The rectangles and squares in this picture can be seen as cells, and the words that transcribe them are like literary definitions in the sense that words and letters are used to define anything.

Boundaries on maps are also used to create definitions of property, land ownership, states, and countries as well. The fact that the borders between the cells or rectangles are crude is supposed to communicate the idea that human definitions and boundaries are indeed crude, and they fluctuate and change throughout time, and by the weathering nature of earth’s seasons.


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October 28, 2013 · 8:06 am

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