Pastel Dust of Pollen and Lepidoptera (version 6)

Pastel Dust of Pollen and Lepidoptera (version 6)

Digital material from one of my original oil paintings, some of my mixed media pastel drawings, ball-point pen drawings, and some real butterfly wings went into the creation of this piece.

I used some of the scanned material from my Wrecked Tangles (Encircled) A series project as the background. Also, the design from Industrial Mandala was used. Again, Industrial Mandala is a digital manipulation from my original oil painting: Of Which I Am a Part.

I incorporated some text on Wikipedia’s definition of a butterfly in the background. You can make out a little bit of it, but my intention was to add some filler to the background design, and I thought a scientific description of the butterfly was fitting. Lepidoptera is the Latin term for butterfly.

The butterfly wings were actually some remains of a butterfly that one of our cats dragged in after stalking it in our backyard garden. For some reason, I hung on to the wings and put them up on a shelf. Later on, I had this idea that I should scan the wings on to the computer so as to use them for a future project.

Well, here is that future project. I’ve been wanting to explore some more of my ideas using the mandala design format. This is another result of that. I feel that I’m getting a better feel of what I want to master. Eventually, I want to start experimenting with using diagrams and drawings of parts of plants, animals, people, and machines. This image I’m sharing with you here is where I’m at for now however.


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September 9, 2013 · 7:50 am

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