Industrial Mandala (version 4)

Industrial Mandala (version 4)

This piece, yet another electronic hybrid, was derived from my painting called Of Which I Am a Part. I’ve been wanting to integrate some of my mandelic art works into hybridized amalgamations. You saw some of these attempts in Concomitant Comets within this album.

Before using the circular designs within this image for the material for a new hybridized image, I decided to just work out some of the issues I had with the original painting. Here is the original painting as a short-cut for you to compare real quick:

Part of the left hand side of the original painting feels like it’s missing. Originally, I actually intended that effect, as I wanted the viewer to feel like he or she was looking at a mandelic design more closely. In this image you see here, you can now feel like you have stepped back, and can enjoy the fertile space surrounding the center of interest.

I also added some extra dimension with dark hues of blacks, violets, and blues. This gives the image an effect of looking at some alien construct up in the night sky. There is also a mesh of wire-like constructions connecting the junctions of the design together, which gives the visual representation of a network.

While mandalas are a common theme in many forms of art throughout history, I haven’t been able to find any done quite in the style that I create my own personal mandalas in. I want to share with you this style that I’ve been working on for practically my whole life so as to touch the keys on your soul like a strange, never-seen-before musical instrument.


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September 8, 2013 · 5:46 am

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